Protecting yourself and your environment against industrial risks

The protection of goods and people is an inherent component of any industrial electrical installation. You will find on TECHNIKELEC® a whole range of products and accessories dedicated to the control of electrical risks, noise pollution, hydrocarbon pollution, protection of electrical goods, people or biodiversity.

  • SanerVib®: silent blocks and systems against the propagation of vibrations and sound waves : we have developed a unique range of very high performance vibration dampers, without rubber or composite, allowing you to reduce the noise pollution linked to electrical transformers in a sustainable way.
  • PAV: nitrile rubber anti-vibration plates to reduce the propagation of noise due to transformer vibrations up to 60%, to be placed in the retention tank.
  • MIDSUN® HVIC and RUBH² (H² leak detection tape): these unique products allow you to make your insulators hydrophobic and self-cleaning (HVIC), and to reliably and visually identify hydrogen leaks in your installations (RUBH²).
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  • Hydrocarbon filter

    Hydrocarbon filter

    When industrial equipment with an oil sump is placed outside and exposed to the weather, rainwater can fill this secondary containment. To avoid the risk of overflow in the event of rain and simultaneous oil leakage, the retention tank must be equipped with a system capable of filtering and continuously discharging rainwater while retaining the hydrocarbons inside the secondary containment. The discharged water must not be contaminated with more than 5 ppm of hydrocarbons according to EN 858-1 ("light liquid separation systems").

    To achieve this, we offer prefabricated hydrocarbon separators specially designed for hydrocarbons and esters and hydrocarbon water filters that operate either by gravity, i.e. without electricity and self-locking, or pumped systems equipped with level detectors and alarms.

    Oil separator Pit full of water and oil Leakage under construction equipment Pollution of a water body
    Fuite d'huile de transformateur en extérieur Dans la fosse, eau pluviale polluée par l'huile Engins de chantier perdant de l'huile lavage des engins de chantier Pluie, impact sur les plans d'eau proches irisation visible sur l'eau

    The SPI® range has been specially developed to suit all flow rates from 3 to over 1500 litres/min, either as passive filter cartridges or with the help of pumps for higher flow rates.

  • Anti-pollution solution

    Anti-pollution solution

    During maintenance operations on industrial equipment and machinery, it is not uncommon to be confronted with leaks of polluting products such as hydrocarbons, industrial oils or transformer dielectric oils. Without a ready emergency solution, these small leaks can turn into pollutants that can have major consequences for the environment, by contaminating the ground or leaking into the water.

    To respond to this problem, you will find in this category our TRFLEX® SUPER ECO flexible tanks, a flexible PVC tarpaulin technology reinforced to contain pollutants, as well as our KABS absorbent kits to clean up the leak once it has been contained.

  • Anti-vibration system

    Anti-vibration system

    When electric transformers with dielectric oil or coated dry are in operation, they emit a characteristic noise resulting from the vibrations of the magnetic sheets (mageto constriction) which they contain. This vibration comes from the 50 Hz alternating current that runs through them, characterizing a fundamental vibration frequency of 100 Hz and several corresponding vibration harmonics.

    In order to dampen its vibrations, we suggest using shock absorbers from the SanerVib® range between the support supports of the transformers (feet, beams, wheels, etc.) and the ground. These are several low-frequency silent blocks specially developed to provide high anti-vibration performance at transformer excitation frequencies, depending on their weight and the desired attenuation.

    The SanerVib® must be chosen precisely so that the internal damping elements are neither too much nor too little compressed, thus fulfilling thei function to the full. SanerVib® are available in 2 vibration absorption levels (up to 80% and up to 99%).

    They can be configured according to 3 types of use :

    TECHNIKELEC® also offers anti-vibration plates (PAV) are made of nitrile rubber to reduce the propagation of noise caused by transformer vibrations. They absorb 40% to 60% of vibrations and are placed under the retention tanks to avoid its displacement.

  • Anti-arcing coating

    Anti-arcing coating

    MIDSUN® HVIC : unrivalled protection against electric arcs flash

    The HVIC silicone coating is a special hydrophobic coat that extends the life of your insulators and increases their reliability at a lower cost. Its unique formula allows, once the HVIC coat is applied, to reduce fouling and deposits on your porcelain or glass insulators. Due to its self-cleaning composition, HVIC prevents excessive leakage currents, discharge elongation and arcing, minimising the need for periodic maintenance, cleaning or greasing of insulators.

    HVIC coat is resistant :

    • to UV radiation,
    • to variations temperature,
    • to corrosive environments
    • to aluminium hydroxide pitting caused by arcing in dry tape.

    It offers a long-term solution to breakdown problems. It is particularly used on insulators in dirty areas, such as cement plants, steel mills, seafronts exposed to salt spray, areas subject to sand, dust or organic plant or animal deposits.

  • Hydrogen leak detection

    Hydrogen leak detection

    RubH² is a range of adhesive rolls specially designed to change color when subjected to a flow of hydrogen (dihydrogen). It thus makes it possible to immediately and visually identify the risks of leakage and to prevent maintenance operations. Mainly applied to connection areas and applicable on all types of materials.

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