Avifauna protection

Animal mitigation protection cover for substation electrical equipment

MIDSUN® silicone insulating materials : in this section you will find several ranges of products allowing the protection of electrical installations against the presence of land animals and birds.

MIDSUN® is the world leader in 4th generation industrial silicone applications for electrical substations. MIDSUN® silicone is resistant to UV radiation, temperature variations, high insulating capacity, corrosive environments and aluminium hydroxide pitting caused by arcing. MIDSUN®'s animal mitigation expertise is available in 4 product ranges:

E/TAPE - E/FOURREAUE/PLAQUEE/COVER : a complete range of rolls, sheaths, plates and covers made of semi-rigid silicone that allows you to protect your electrical bushings from animal or plant intrusion with a very simple use and installation. Without glue, this solution has a very good longevity thanks to the properties of MIDSUN® silicone. All energized parts of a substation can be equipped: busbars, bushings, HV cable heads, stripped cables, insulators, surge arresters...

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  • E/TAPE


    The MIDSUN® E/TAPE range consists of many references of insulating tape that is highly resistant to arcing and provides electrical insulation from phase to ground. Made of self-fusing inorganic silicone rubber, each tape is wound on a film that is easy to separate and tear. They do not require glue or heating and can be used on any type of connector, busbar or cable up to :

    • Thickness 0.76 mm : from 15 kV to 35 kV (1 layer 15 kV, 3 layers 35 kV)
    • Thickness 2.03 mm : from 35 kV to 75 kV (1 layer 35 kV, 3 layers 75 kV)


    The MIDSUN® E/FOURREAU range consist of silicone insulating sheaths up to 35kV of different diameters to be slipped onto overhead distribution lines, cables and substation busbars.



    The MIDSUN® E/PLAQUE range is made of high temperature vulcanized silicone sheets with a polyester fabric reinforcement. Delivered in rolls, they are ready to be cut to size on site to manufacture personalized covers when the geometry of the parts to be protected does not allow the use of standard covers.



    The MIDSUN® E/COVER range is made up of a large number of high-temperature vulcanized silicone cover references to adapt to all types of bushings and bushings.

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