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Nitrile rubber anti-vibration plate for electrical transformers (sold in sets by 4)

Set of 4 nitrile rubber plates capable of absorbing between 40% and 60% of vibrations from transformer other appliances under voltage. They are positioned in the retention tank to reduce the noise pollution caused by the vibrations of the appliance.

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PAV 20-20-08G

Made of nitrile rubber, the anti-vibration plates reduce the propagation of transformer noise transmitted to the ground. They provide shock absorption and absorb between 40% and 60% of transformer vibrations and noises, depending on the load per plate.

The PAV are simply installed in the retention tank, without the need for fastening, and reduce noise pollution.

Please choose the PAV set that suits you in order to not exceed the recommended range of use. The choice of the reference is essential to respect the compression range of the anti-vibration plate.

For better vibration absorption in terms of performance, we strongly recommend the SanerVib® ranges, which are capable of absorbing 80% to 99% of transformer vibrations and use the modulus of elasticity of the metal, which is constant over time.

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Product Details
PAV 20-20-08G

References Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Max load/plat (t)
 PAV-20-20-08G 200 200 8 1,9
 PAV-20-20-13G 200 200 13 7,4
 PAV-20-20-13V 200 200 13 9,8

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