PFC-44 pre-filter for PETRO-PIT® filter cartridge

The PFC-44 pre-filter of SPI® is an essential accessory to limit the risk of clogging and to ensure the proper functioning of the PETRO-PIT® filter cartridges.

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Patented filtration system belonging to the technology SPI®, the range PETRO-PIT® is the United Kingdom and European reference rainwater filter for hydrocarbons and esters contaminated waters in small retention volumes.

The PFC-44 pre-filter is screwed onto the PETRO-PIT® filter cartridge. It is an essential accessory to limit the risks of clogging the filter due to dust in the water.
The PFC-44 should be cleaned regularly with fresh water to ensure maximum efficiency of the cartridge. 

Easy installation with the PETRO-PIT® SETS including filter, pre-filter, valve, elbow and teflon roll to use and adaptable to any low point and drain valve. Replace the internal filter elements of the prefilter due to wear of the foam in the PFC-44 with a kit of 6 new foams and replacement meshes with the RF-PFC44/6.

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SPI has been an Eastern American manufacturer based in Connecticut for 30 years. Bill Gannon founded SPI in 1991 to develop a technology for solidifying polluting oils. His experience as Vice President of Liquid Waste Technologies from 1985 to 1991 and the Exxon Valdez disaster in 1989 were key elements in the creation of SPI.

In the early years, SPI focused on waste treatment by creating solidifiers for oils (Oil Bond) and for water (WaterBond). Then, in the years that followed, SPI naturally turned to pollution prevention.

SPI markets its patented Petro-Barrier, Petro-Plug and Petro-Pipe products to all customers who need to secure their retention equipment with a passive and inexpensive solution, thus allowing good drainage of rainwater without risk of overflow and therefore pollution.

No oil has ever drained from any SPI filter. SPI filters comply with American EPA SPCC standards, European and French standards on water treatment in light hydrocarbon separators as well as the water law (hydrocarbon content of water at the filter outlet less than 5 ppm , ICPE compliant). For three decades, thousands of installations have been protected by SPI products in North America, Europe and Latin America. Its approval with the largest petrochemical industries, power companies and local authorities gives it an obvious strength to innovate in the filtration and solidification of new pollutants (natural esters FR3-COPPER, synthetic esters MIDEL7131) and find the solution for which you need.

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