Anti-vibration system

SanerVib anti-vibration pads for electrical transformers

When electric transformers with dielectric oil or coated dry are in operation, they emit a characteristic noise resulting from the vibrations of the magnetic sheets (mageto constriction) which they contain. This vibration comes from the 50 Hz alternating current that runs through them, characterizing a fundamental vibration frequency of 100 Hz and several corresponding vibration harmonics.

In order to dampen its vibrations, we suggest using shock absorbers from the SanerVib® range between the support supports of the transformers (feet, beams, wheels, etc.) and the ground. These are several low-frequency silent blocks specially developed to provide high anti-vibration performance at transformer excitation frequencies, depending on their weight and the desired attenuation.

The SanerVib® must be chosen precisely so that the internal damping elements are neither too much nor too little compressed, thus fulfilling thei function to the full. SanerVib® are available in 2 vibration absorption levels (up to 80% and up to 99%).

They can be configured according to 3 types of use :

TECHNIKELEC® also offers anti-vibration plates (PAV) are made of nitrile rubber to reduce the propagation of noise caused by transformer vibrations. They absorb 40% to 60% of vibrations and are placed under the retention tanks to avoid its displacement.

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  • SanerVib for wheels

    SanerVib for wheels

    Stainless steel anti-vibration pads adapted to the wheels of electrical transformers capable of reducing from 80% to 99% of the vibrations transmitted to the ground.

  • SanerVib-SG


    Stainless steel vibration reducer for electric transformers without a rolling system capable of reducing 80% to 99% of the vibrations transmitted to the ground.

  • SanerVib-VibeR


    Vibration absorber for "rolling" electrical transformers capable of absorbing 99% of the vibrations generated.

    Available as a simple or double unit consisting of 1 more shock absorber elements :

    • VibeR99 simple : damper with a screw through to attach directly to the transformers beal or U-profile, 
    • VibeR99 double : one hole is centred on the top plate to fix the damper to the beam and a second hole centred on the bottom plate to fix the wheel with a screw.
  • SanerVib-SL


    Anti-vibration cushion for "rolling" electrical transformers capable to absorbing 80% of the vibrations emitted. Specially designed with a rolling track to facilitate the installation of transformers.

  • PAV


    Nitrile rubber anti-vibration plates for retention tanks, capable of absorbing 40 to 60% of the vibrations of electrical transformers transmitted to the ground and absorbing shocks.

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