The electrical transformer, central organ of the electrical network

Transformers are said to be immersed when they contain dielectric oils, or dry when using resin. To simplify, we can make the analogy of the transformer to the human body : it's powered by a primary circuit (food), it transforms the energy of the primary into secondary energy (the transformation of food into energy, sugars...). During this transformation process, losses in the form of heat are emitted and dissipated by the dielectric oil or the air (for humans bodily fluids). It's therefore necessary to take the temperature regularly and monitor its vital signs, either by temperature relay or by analysis of its oils (thermometers and blood test). Finally, it's necessary to prevent its oil from coming out of its tank, or that the resin loses its insulating properties to prevent it from "giving up the ghost" (hemorrhage) :

TECHNIKELEC® offers you a complete rang of equipment and accessories for your transformers :

  • Probes, temperature relays, protections : for your dry and oil transformers, temperature relays and probes, DGPT2, guillotine, wheel locking brackets.
  • Simple retention tanks : for your indoor electrical distribution applications, waterproof retention tanks specially designed to contain dielectric oils.
  • Turnkey filtration sets : including valve, elbow, pre-filter, filter, teflon... ready to be mounted on your pits or outdoor retention tanks.
  • MALT : for the protection of your electrical substations and people against electrification (sold in set of 10).
  • VARIOUS : SanerBlock® locking brackets allow you to prevents the displacement of your transformer.
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  • Probe and relay

    Probe and relay

    Probes and temperature relays, pressure, oil level... are transformer health indicators. Visual, analog or digital indicators, these probes and their associated electronics are used for the proper functioning as well as the protection of the transformer, thus making it possible to activate fans, pumps, trigger alarms or to put themselves in safety.

    TechnikElec® thus markets a full range of spare parts for cast resin or oil-filled transformers.

  • Filtration set

    Filtration set

    The SPI filtration sets marketed by TechnikeElec® are ready to be installed on your pits and containement tanks. These turnkey sets allow you to easily and quickly equip your external retentions exposed to rainwater without risk of forgetting any components. Thank to TechnikElec®'s ready-to-install hydrocarbon separation filtration set, you can transform your retention into a solution for filtering rainwater contaminated with hydrocarbons in a few minute.

    A filtration set includes :

    • 1 hydrocarbon filter (choose the reference according to your need),
    • 1 stainless steel set 1.5" or 2" for fixing (set for fixing also available in PVC for flexible tank),
    • 1 prefilter adapted to the chosen SPI filter.

    No more emptying operations, they are ready to receive rainwater and hydrocarbon leaks with complete peace of mind.

  • MALT


    The range of braids and earthing or MALT braids kit offered by TechnikElec® are an essential element of protection in electrical substations. They allow the transmission of fault currents to the earth circuit in order to protect property and especially people from potential electrification.

    The MALT thus ensure the continuity of the earth path between each independant metal part, connecting each conductive element to one another towards the general earth.

    The MALTs exist :

    • made of copper,
    • of different diameters depending on the voltage level of the substation,
    • of different lenghts depending on the conductive elements to be connected together.

    Finnaly, TechnikElec® offers sets made up of bi-metal washers, nuts and stainless steel screws, for a ready-to-install "plug & play" solution.


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The PETRTO-PIT® filtration kit was created to allow you to quickly mount a filter on a metallic retention tank outlet. The products that make up the kit can be purchased separately. PETRO-PIT® are available in...
The PETRTO-PIT® filtration kit was created to allow you to quickly mount a filter on a metallic retention tank outlet. The products that make up the kit can be purchased separately. PETRO-PIT® are available in...
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