Electrical equipment : the right tool to work well and safely

Before carrying out electrical work, it is important to ensure that the necessary safety conditions are met and that the correct tool is used. TECHNIKELEC® offers electrical power, diagnostic and work equipment for your electrical activites.

POSITRON : high voltage glass, porcelain or ceramic insulator testers : POSITRON insulator testers detect and record the distribution of the electric field along the insulator, revealing any defects in the insulator. This allows you to monitor the condition of your insulator and provides you with a diagnostic tool that allows you to asses the risk of working near these live insulators in real time. They are an excellent complement to MIDSUN® products.

EXPERTO : solutions for the protection of people and electrical installations : discover our catalogues for electrical PPE and Arc flash protections, cutting accessories, crimping, junctions and work on Low, Medium and High Voltage cables, grounding claws... Déclinations for European, French (NF) or Germany (DIN) standards.

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  • HV Insulator tester

    HV Insulator tester

    TECHNIKELEC® markets the POSITRON high voltage insulator testers. Based on the unique technology of electric field measurement, POSITRON testers are currently the only know testers capable of diagnosing in real time the integrity and the state of ageing of your composite or silicone insulators, in addition to the traditional glass or procelain insulators.

    POSITRON insulator testers are available in 3 models :

    • high voltage line insulator tester glass and porcelain,
    • high voltage line insulator tester composite or silicone,
    • versatile multiform insulator tester for substations and HV substations, in glass, porcelain and silicone.

    Thus, before any work is carried out on a substation in the vicinity of live insulators, you have a preliminary diagnostic tool enabling you to identify insulators with faults and at risk of failure.

  • Tool


    Before carrying out any electrical work, you need to make sure that the necessary safety conditions are met and that you are using the right tool. We offer standard cutting tools, power tools and work tools for your electrical activities.

    Hole Pince: a cutting tool for MIDSUN® or E/PLAQUE silicone products for conditioning, making holes easily and adding fasteners.

    Crimper machines: EXPERTO®'s most reliable, high-performance and extremely versatile electrotechnical tools for working on cables in low-, medium- and high-voltage installations. Crimpers are specially designed for cables, cable shoes, dies, etc.

    Discover the different cutting tools and equip yourself with the best performing equipment.

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