Electrical insulation : basis of the safety in electromechanical industry

An electrical insulator, also known as a dielectric material, is a part of a component or an organ whose function is to prevent the passage of any electrical current between two conductive parts. An insulator has few free charges, they are trapped there, unlike a conductive material where charges are numerous and free to move under the action of an electromagnetic field. It is therefore necessary to protect humans, wildlife and machines from the dangerous effects of electricity in the event of an electric arc.

TECHNIKELEC® offers you sometimes innovative and high performance solutions :

  • Teflon PTFE : pre-cut sheets and PTFE tape. We work with Teflon manufacturers to offer you kits of plates in different sizes and thicknesses to ensure electrical insulation between your equipment.
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  • Avifauna protection

    Avifauna protection

    MIDSUN® silicone insulating materials : in this section you will find several ranges of products allowing the protection of electrical installations against the presence of land animals and birds.

    MIDSUN® is the world leader in 4th generation industrial silicone applications for electrical substations. MIDSUN® silicone is resistant to UV radiation, temperature variations, high insulating capacity, corrosive environments and aluminium hydroxide pitting caused by arcing. MIDSUN®'s animal mitigation expertise is available in 4 product ranges:

    E/TAPE - E/FOURREAUE/PLAQUEE/COVER : a complete range of rolls, sheaths, plates and covers made of semi-rigid silicone that allows you to protect your electrical bushings from animal or plant intrusion with a very simple use and installation. Without glue, this solution has a very good longevity thanks to the properties of MIDSUN® silicone. All energized parts of a substation can be equipped: busbars, bushings, HV cable heads, stripped cables, insulators, surge arresters...

  • Porcelain insulator

    Porcelain insulator

    TECHNIKELEC® markets the medium voltage insulators of the PPC Insulators brand :

    PPC Insulators is a market leader in insulators and a specialist in porcelain solutions, marketing high quality products with tight tolerances and shorter manufacturing times, for applications up to 1200 kV AC (Alternating Current) and 1100 kV DC (Direct Current). 

    Our insulators are designed for high mechanical strength and have extended leakage paths. They are designed and manufactured in accordance with electrical standards and ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Our standard references are available from stock.

  • Insulating plate

    Insulating plate

    TECHNIKELEC® offers PTFE insulating plates to insulate electrical transformers from noise generated by vibrations. They are intended for industrial use and have many features for your transformers.

    The insulating plates are placed under the transformers and can be used for power transformers or between two equipments genererating vibrations.

  • Insulating paint

    Insulating paint

    The MIDSUN® E/PEINTISO silicone paint is a real solution for providing insulating protection to your equipment or industrial sites.


    • Prevents power system failures and animal damage,
    • Has high dielectric strength,
    • Simply apply in one coat,
    • Has excellent atmospheric and chemical resistance,
    • Becomes hard, without tearing of the coating.
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From €1,160.00
The E/PLAQUE is a silicone sheet used to protect a variety of distribution and substation equipment up to 35 kV between phase and earth. This flexible silicone rubber plate provides high quality electrical insulation...
Made of aluminium, the Hole Pince is an easy-to-use manual punch for fastening MIDSUN® E/PLAQUE and E/COVER range. With its hole diameter of 8mm, makes it easy to insert pins and clamps.
From €716.00
MIDSUN® E/PEINTISO insulating paint increases the insulation and dielectricity of the material to which it is applied. Made of silicone, it reduces or even eliminates the phenomena of leakage current and arcing, thus...
From €362.00
Set of 4 teflon insulating plates (PTFE) to electrically isolate the transformer from its support and to promote the isolation of the tank. They are placed between the down supports of the electrical transformer...
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