Tools for electrical equipment and cable work protection in safety

Before carrying out any electrical work, you need to make sure that the necessary safety conditions are met and that you are using the right tool. We offer standard cutting tools, power tools and work tools for your electrical activities.

Hole Pince: a cutting tool for MIDSUN® or E/PLAQUE silicone products for conditioning, making holes easily and adding fasteners.

Crimper machines: EXPERTO®'s most reliable, high-performance and extremely versatile electrotechnical tools for working on cables in low-, medium- and high-voltage installations. Crimpers are specially designed for cables, cable shoes, dies, etc.

Discover the different cutting tools and equip yourself with the best performing equipment.

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  • Hole Pince

    Hole Pince

    The Hole Pince are an easy to use cutting tool to make holes for installation. It allows you to prepare MIDSUN® products type E/PLAQUE on your sites and to insert fasteners.

  • Crimper


    EXPERTO® brand is the result of more than 40 years of industrial experience in sales, advice and training in the field of electrotechnical tools. EXPERTO® offers a range of several catalogues concerning electrical PPE, accessories for cutting, crimping, splicing and working with low, medium and high voltage cables. And this for European, French (NF) or German (DIN) standards.

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Made of aluminium, the Hole Pince is an easy-to-use manual punch for fastening MIDSUN® E/PLAQUE and E/COVER range. With its hole diameter of 8mm, makes it easy to insert pins and clamps.
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