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SANERVIB 80-SG: Anti-vibration pad for transformer up to 80% reduction (set of 4)

Set of 4 stainless steel dampers capable of reducing up to 80% of the transformer vibrations transmitted to the ground. The upper part of the anti vibration pad SanerVib80-SG from TECHNIKELEC inserted directly under the transformers support in place of the wheels (or rollers) of dry cast resin or oil transformers.

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Women's clothing size
Euro 32/34 36 38 40
USA 0/2 4 6 8
Bust(in) 31-32 33 34 36
Bust(cm) 80.5-82.5 84.5 87 92
Waist(in) 24-25 26 27 29
Waist(cm) 62.5-64.5 66.5 69 74
Hips(in) 34-35 36 37 39
Hips(cm) 87.5-89.5 91.5 94 99
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With your arms relaxed at your sides, measure around the fullest part of your chest.

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Measure around the narrowest part of your natural waist, generally around the belly button. To ensure a comfortable fit, keep one finger between the measuring tape and your body.

Transformer weight
  • from 0 to 2400 (kg)
  • from 2401 to 5200 (kg)
  • from 5201 to 10000 (kg)
Riser (mm)
  • 45
  • 55
  • 65

All SanerVib® silentblocks are designed to isolate the vibrations generated by the magneto-constriction of the transformers, and in particular the fundamental excitation frequency of 50 Hz as well as the harmonics of 100 Hz and 200 Hz. To meet these requirements, SanerVib® have been tested in laboratories to visualize the variation of the resonance frequency as a function of the supported load. For their application in the field of electrical transformers, this data is essential for the recommendation of the right material.

SANERVIB 80-SG : description of the standard range for transformers without impeller

All SanerVib80-SG are made of steel cushion and an aluminium or stainless steel platform depending on the models. Sold in sets of 4.

In the place of the wheels of the dry cast resin or oil transformers, fixing is by means of an M12 screw and washers.  The SanerVib80-SG are available in differet models depending on the weight of the equipment to be supported.

Please choose the SanerVib80-SG that suits you by taking care to look at the weight of your transformer in order to not exceed the recommended range of use. If the chosen SanerVib80-SG is too large in diameter for the transformer support (UPN or UPE), spacers can be added to raise the edges of the transformer feet relative to the SanerVib80-SG.


1- The choice of the reference is essential to respect the compression range of the SanerVib80-SG.

2- The SanerVib80SG-2400 is soled directly with the riser, in a single block.

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Product Details
Product details SanerVib80-SG

References (*) Diameter (mm) Ø Height (mm) Weight (Set of 4) (kg)
 SanerVib80SG-2400 54 55 4
 SanerVib80SG-5200 78.5 30.27 6
 SanerVib80SG-10000 127.5 28.5 8

(*) Dimensions of the anti-vibration pad without riser.

Take care to size riser correctly so that it can fit into the beam profiles of your transformer.

Product video SanerVib80-SG
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