MIDSUN® HVIC cleaning coating for High Voltage Insulators

An unparalleled flashover protection

MIDSUN® HVIC silicone coating extends the life of your products and increases their reliability at a lower cost. It prevents the appearance of excessive leakage currents, the elongation of discharges and the initiation of arcing, thus minimizing maintenance requirements.

In case you need several pots of HVIC, please contact our sales department.

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Hips(in) 34-35 36 37 39
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  • 1 Gal US (3,7 L)
  • 5 Gal US (18,93 L)

A reliable service:

The excellent performance of MIDSUN® HVIC RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) silicone rubber coating is due to its unique hydrophobicity and adhesion properties, which have protective properties against flashover and electric shock. The excellent hydrophobicity of the coating prevents the formation of a deposit of contaminants on the surface. It allows to replace the traditional silicone grease which has the disadvantage of having to be changed frequently.

The HVIC silicone coating is resistant to UV radiation, temperature variations, corrosive environments and aluminium, or ATH pitting from dry band arcing. The coating is also highly water repellent, so contaminants cannot film over the surface. It offers a long-term solution to flashover problems.
Each 3.7L pot covers 8m² to 11m² with a two-coat application depending on the film thickness.

Easy to use, it can be applied with a paintbrush, roll or sprayer without dilution.

The HVIC Silicone Coating can eliminate or reduce:

  • regular insulator washing,
  • periodic re-application of grease,
  • replacement of components damaged by flashovers,
  • repair silicone sheds and rod damage on composite insulation systems.

Mainly used in polluted sites such as steel mills, cement plants, quarries but also littoral or petrochemical sites, etc...

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Product Details

MIDSUN® Group is a North American manufacturer of RTV insulation, anti-corrosion silicone coatings and wildlife purlin covers. It is considered a dominant player in this niche market throughout the United States of America.

Founded in 1992, MIDSUN® has grown steadily with the sole objective of becoming the best supplier of products and services to the electric utility and telecommunications industries. In the relatively narrow niche of insulation and bird protection, MIDSUN® excels in terms of products, service, price, performance and delivery. Through its international network of distributors, MIDSUN® provides companies around the world with services and products that increase reliability and save companies millions of Euros in repairs.

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